Be a Leader. Get involved.

Have you ever thought about how being a leader in your community can effect your college future? According to StudyPoints, leadership in your community is a big deal when it comes to filling out college applications. StudyPoints mentions that good grades and test scores are not always enough, being able to see previous involvement on your application is what catches the eye of others.

There are so many great benefits of being a leader and joining community organization, clubs, and athletic programs. Not only does it help your college application but giving back to your community makes you feel good about yourself, helping you build self-esteem. Remember, being a leader doesn’t always mean you have to follow the same path as everyone else. Listen to John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.”

So how does this relate to the Anthony Muñoz Foundation? Well, since school is finally back in session we want to help you start the school year out right! We have a way for you to get PluggedIn and be a leader not just in your school, but in your community and city as well. This year the Anthony Muñoz Foundation will have a leadership event you may be interested in being a part of.

  • WHAT: 12th annual Youth Leadership Seminar
  • WHEN: Wednesday, October 9, 2013
  • WHERE: Xavier University’s Cintas Center

This is an event you’ll want to mark on your calenders. The Youth Leadership Seminar is a day of leadership development and discussions on how to give back to your community. The event will consist of motivational speakers, live music, break sessions, and free giveaways. You can find more information about YLS and how to register here on our website. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook  and Twitter  and keep up with #Pluggedin2013!

Megan Barger

Experience Intern