“Have you ever sat down and just thought about how you would want to be remembered as a person – not just an athlete or a student, but how you’d want other people to remember you?”
– Anthony Muñoz



The mission of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation is to impact the lives of Tri-State (Greater Cincinnati) area youth mentally, physically and spiritually through our seven Impact Programs. To learn more about our Impact Programs, click here

How It Started

An accomplished community icon, former Cincinnati Bengal and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Anthony Muñoz has been actively involved in his commitment to make a difference in the lives of local youth in the Greater Cincinnati region. Anthony decided to bring all of his charitable initiatives together in April of 2002 to establish the Anthony Muñoz Foundation (AMF), a non-profit organization armed with the mission of engaging the Tri-State region to impact youth mentally, physically and spiritually.

The Impact

Along its journey, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation has touched the lives of over 55,000 youth. Now, over two decades later, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation educates, promotes, recognizes and rewards Tri-State youth who excel in all phases of life, while reaching out and empowering those who are struggling. No matter what adversity youth may face, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation programs teach young people that they can overcome their respective obstacles while maintaining a focus on higher education.

Our Commitment

Committed to nurturing the growth of all Tri-State youth and especially vulnerable, at-risk populations, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation has created unique opportunities that appeal to students of all ages, educational, cultural and economic backgrounds. Through deploying two life-changing college scholarship and recognition programs, high school leadership seminar, three empowering football camps, and our Whiz Kids tutoring program, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation is making a tangible difference in the lives of youth across the Tri-State.

Anthony strongly feels that youth need to be encouraged and inspired, as well as recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments. Anthony and our organization want the youth of our region to know that they have value. No matter the odds, they can rise above the hardships life has dealt them and achieve their dreams.



Anthony Muñoz

Caleigh Willis
Executive Director

Cristen Johnson
Program Coordinator

Claire Gilmore
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Anna Vincent
Project Coordinator



Anthony Muñoz

Joseph Ashbrook
Ashbrook Byrne Kresge LLC

John Burns
Encore Technologies

Bob Castellini
Wells Fargo Advisors

Steve Cesler

Judi Cesler

Leigh Fox

 Jack Geiger

Kay Geiger

L. Thomas Hiltz

Francie S. Hiltz

Bill Kinane

Michael Maisel
Legacy Financial Advisors

Anya Sanchez
CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services

Jon Sanchez
Team Performance Institute

Carl Satterwhite
RCF Group

Dawn Satterwhite
RCF Group

Luke Trenz



Cortney Brooks

Mount St. Joseph University

Allie Hubler

University of Cincinnati

Savannah James

University of Cincinnati

Isabel Kinsinger

University of Cincinnati

Jillian Kohls

Northern Kentucky University

Madelyn Stewart

University of Cincinnati



AMF’s past achievements, along with our future goals, would be impossible without the assistance of our generous supporters. These outstanding organizations continue to show a deep commitment to our youth—and continue to make an “Impact for Eternity.” Our partners often put their resources behind a cause that touches them personally; a cause that may be connected to their mission; or a cause that simply helps them become better citizens. The Anthony Muñoz Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to work with such exceptional organizations who have willingly joined our team.