Wow, have times changed?!

Can you believe we just had our 12th annual Youth Leadership Seminar? Neither can we! The Anthony Muñoz Foundation held the 1st annual Youth Leadership Seminar on April 17, 2002. 36 schools and 360 students attended. This past years Seminar was by far the most successful yet, with over 1,300 students from 100 high schools in attendance.

YLS-through the Years

It’s incredible to compare and see the differences of the Seminar that we held in 2002 to this past years Seminar. Going from only having one guest speaker at YLS to having four guest speakers this year. Our first YLS was in the banquet room of Xavier University whereas this year’s YLS took up a huge part of the arena at the Cintas Center of Xavier University. The biggest change of all is that in 2002 we didn’t have smart-phones or present social media and this year on Twitter we were trending #Pluggedin2013 in Cincinnati. Can you image how much will change within the next decade?

Now that the Seminar is over its time to see all the students put their leadership skills to the test by taking this time to make a difference in their community with Service Challenge projects. (Not familiar with Service Challenge projects? Check out our previous blog to learn more!) This is our fifth year of having students put on a Service Challenge project and starting next week we will be going on tour! Next Thursday, November 21st we will have some of the AMF staff stop at Carlisle High School to see their project a Blood Drive for “Zeus Soldiers.” Learn more about their project in next week’s blog.

Don’t forget we want to see your project in action, all you need to do is tweet pictures and videos of the progress of your project to #AMFChallenge! Not involved in a project? Check out #AMFChallenge on Twitter to see how others are getting involved in their community!

Megan Barger
Experience Intern