The lights. The music. The speakers. The breakout sessions. The dancing cows. Whew, what a jam-packed day! YLS 2012 was definitely a success and it’s all thanks to you students and your energy and passion for changing this world for the better!

Check out our video recap:

Here’s what some of your fellow students said about the event:

“I had a great time today at the seminar, I am going to change my community one day at a time, I felt inspired. ”

“Today was a great learning experience and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. It makes me proud to see the other leaders in my community.”

“That was the most amazing, inspirational, and entertaining seminar we have ever been to!! LOVED dancing to the Bill Cosby. We are truly inspired. THANK YOU!”

“Thanks so much for the great day, truly inspiring! MOVE FORWARD. GIVE BACK. I will live by those words forever. ”

“YLS was so amazing! Great speakers and it totally inspired me to go home and make a difference! This generation will do great things, I will do great things.”

So hopefully while you were at YLS, you had the opportunity to come up with some ideas of ways to impact your community through the Service Challenge Project, and were inspired by the ideas of other students.  We will continue updating the blog a few times a week with some school’s service challenge project ideas and tips to get you going with your projects, etc. Also, if you wanna share what your school is thinking about or update us with the progress of your project, you can comment o this blog post or write on our Facebook wall!

We hope you were truly inspired, encouraged, and called to action by this year’s Youth Leadership Seminar. I love that lat quote, “This generation will do great things, I will do great things.” let that be your motto throughout life and throughout the process of planning your service Challenge Project. Move Forward. Give Back. Do great things. Change the World.