The Teacher’s Perspective:

This week of “Where Are They Now Wednesday” is a very special edition. Featured in this week’s post is Angie Dee, who is a teacher at RUHL. Angie was the nominating teacher for Jarrin Taul (Missed his acceptance speech? Click here!), 2011 Straight “A” finalist and Scholarship Fund winner. Check out my conversation with Angie and see how nominating a student could not only positively affect your student, but you as well:

Mike Rizio: What do you look for when nominating a student?

Angie Dee: There are many academically successful and deserving students who are in need of financial help from the foundation but I think it is most important to recognize someone who has consistently worked to overcome life’s obstacles and will make a significant impact on their community.  It is important to recognize those who persist until they succeed and are driven by the passion to rise above all of the challenges life can throw at one’s personal journey.

MR: What benefits do you think the Foundation gives the students?

2011 Straight A 204

Anthony, Jarrin, and Angie

AD: The benefits that the AMF provides are remarkable.  The financial support is incredible but more importantly it is the personal interest that the foundation takes in the lives of each scholarship winner.  The contact the foundation has with the scholarship winners long after they have received the financial contribution is astounding.  The foundation truly cares about the future of these remarkable students.

MR: What keeps you nominating?

AD: I will continue to nominate students because I hold the highest respect for the foundation.  The foundation is first class and maintains the same values that I have.  I am truly grateful that the foundation was able to see the potential which I see in Jarrin and others.  Anthony isn’t operating a foundation for the marketing of his name but to inspire, provide recognition, give financial support and give hope and keep dreams alive.

MR: You had a Straight “A” finalist and Scholarship Fund winner Jarrin Taul in class, how do you think it impacted him, you, the school, and the community?

AD: The experience has been life changing for Jarrin and personally rewarding for me.  I have had many great success stories in the classroom but attending the Straight A Scholarship Luncheon and supporting Jarrin as he gave his speech was one of the highlights of my career.  Next thing I knew, I was at the Red’s game watching Jarrin represent the foundation by throwing the first pitch at the game.

MR: Lastly, what would you tell students who are hesitant to apply for the Scholarship Fund or teachers who are hesitant to nominate students for Straight “A”?

AD: I would ask them what the heck are they waiting for?!

Well put Angie! The deadline for nominating a student for Straight “A” is Monday, February 25th. Get out there and nominate. Be like Angie Dee and make a difference in your student’s future!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern