Following our Service Learning Trip with elementary students, this week we go back to the Youth Leadership Seminar’s Service Challenge with Turpin High School’s project.


After being challenged to make an impact in their communities at the 2016 Youth Leadership Seminar, the students of Turpin High School came together on November 22nd to hold a charity basketball game “Fun with 911: The Game for Life”. Their goal: to donate the proceeds to the LifeCenter, a non-profit organization that coordinates the donation of tissues and organs for transplantation. By the end of the event they were able to raise $2,450 to donate!


The game featured a select group of seniors and one teacher playing against the Newton/Anderson Township Fire and Police Department.  In order to select members of the teacher/student game, an auction was held where for each $1 put into a hat, a chance to have your name drawn to participate in the game was given. The money gained in the auction was included in the donation.


This event was very personal for some of the attendees. You may notice a blanket in the background with a picture of the late Bengals player, Chris Henry.  When Chris passed away a few years ago, his mother made the decision for him to be an organ donor and she attended and helped promote the Game for Life. She can be seen, seated directly underneath the blanket with the picture of her son. The gentleman on the very right was a heart transplant recipient and the woman on the bottom right was a double lung recipient.


This is the second year that Turpin High School has held the “Fun with 911” game, and we can’t wait to see how Turpin High School’s project group will continue to impact their community in the future!

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