Have you thought to yourself lately, “Wow, I really need to do something good for someone else” or “I want to help someone this Holiday season but I don’t know how to get involved”?  Well, the Waynesville High School students who attended YLS knows just how to help you out.

Waynesville students need help getting donations of peanut butter and jelly so they teamed up with Ellis’ Hometown Marketplace.  Students will be outside of the store on Saturday, December 22nd asking shoppers to donate a jar of peanut butter and jelly to the program.  Ellis’ Hometown Marketplace is even matching the donations!

Waynesville’s service project this year is to help out the local Food-To-Go program.  Each Friday Food-To-Go gives food for students in need to take home.  The program also helps by giving out jars of peanut butter and jelly to these students once a month so they will have more food for the rest of the week.

Feel free to pass on this awesome flyer that they created for the event!

Food Drive Flyer

Stop by Ellis’ Hometown Marketplace to help out a great cause.  Way to go Waynesville, you are making such a positive impact!  We hope you get lots of donations!  You are truly living out the Seminar’s theme of “Move Forward, Give Back”.

Experience Intern