As Shelby mentioned on Wednesday, this year’s YLS theme is Move Forward, Give Back.  Just in case you are not sure what this means, this blog may help the theme sink in a little more.  So let’s continue Service Challenge Friday by spotlighting an amazing school who won 2nd place in the 2012 YLS Service Challenge.

Hamilton High School…


What’d they do!?

Hamilton High school saw the need for an anti-bullying campaign following trends of bullying in the media and seeing bullying occur locally. 


Why’d they do it?!

While attending YLS, Hamilton High School was able to hear Fr. Graham speak on leadership and hear ideas that motivated its own interests and community needs.  After YLS, Hamilton got their project underway. 

“We have amazing untapped potential in our kids; we need to learn the power that they have.  They may not think that one person can make a difference but it is possible.”-Chrissy Hutzelman


Who was involved?!

Over 35 students got involved in making a difference.  These students made weekly visits to 3 different grades in 8 Hamilton elementary schools to teach kids the effects of bullying and the importance of treating others with respect.

“The Service Challenge project had a huge impact on me. I loved going to the schools and speaking to the students. It felt great leaving the schools knowing I made an impact on their everyday lives and knowing I made a difference.” Hamilton Student Jaclyn Asher


What will they do with the prize $$

As the 2nd place winners in the 2012 YLS Service Challenge, Hamilton High School won $1,000 and will be using those funds to support their service challenge project and to possibly even reach out to their middle school students as well.

Real Community Involvement!

Hamilton’s own local community organization, Hamilton Leadership Group even got involved, by adopting the program and helping out.  Due to their hard work and the many other projects that they participate in, Hamilton High School was a 2012 recipient of the National School District of Character Award from the Character Education Partnership. 

Hamilton High School’s story just goes to show that starting with a small idea or a small group of people has the potential to branch into something bigger. 

And I want to give a special thanks to Chrissy Hutzelman and Jaclyn Asher for providing us with all the great information for this blog post!  We can’t wait to see you at YLS this year.


Let Hamilton know how awesome they are in the comments below!  And start thinking about ways that you can Move Forward, Give Back.

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