Happy Friday Everyone!

As we get closer to this year’s YLS, you may be preparing ways to get involved in this year’s Service Challenge project.  However, some of you may be thinking, “I have absolutely no idea how to pick a need in my school or community.”  Have no fear!  This Service Challenge Friday blog is all about sparking some ideas on what type of service project you can implement. 

Take a good look around you school and your community.  Is there anything you love and would like to see more of?  Is there anything that bothers you and feel like it needs addressed?  Anything you feel really passionate about?

And finally, if you absolutely cannot think of anything that could be changed, here are a few examples of what you could do for your project:  clothing drive, raise money for your school to get new supplies, work with the elderly, help families in need, help your school be more environmentally friendly.  The possibilities are endless!


Goshen High School, last year’s Service Challenge winners, raised money to buy a fellow classmate a new wheelchair.  Now that’s a great Service Challenge project!  Way to go Goshen!

Get out there and get creative!  You can make a difference, I know you can!  Let’s keep this idea springboard going.  Tell us in the comments what ideas you are thinking of and be prepared to share them on the big day.


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