Hello Service Challengers,

You may be thinking, “Another blog post?  Didn’t YLS end?”  Well, YLS may be over but the Service Challenge has just begun!  It has been so exciting to read through all of your projects and see just how amazing your minds really are.  Not that I ever doubted you!

Throughout the project you will have tons of fun and cool, new experiences.   Please keep us updated with all of your pictures, videos, short stories, quotes, etc. about your projects.  We will also be doing several “Photo of the Week” posts, so send in those photos for your school to be featured.  Also, we want to come visit your school!  So if there is any possibility that we could stop by, let us know.

Just in case you were wondering what a service project looks like here is an awesome example for you.  This past Saturday, Northwest High School completed its service project with the “Spooky Stroll” a fun haunted house for elementary students.  Forty-three Northwest students teamed up with their Art Club and Senate to decorate the halls and set up fun booths and games for 4 local elementary schools.  They took donations from the families, and whichever elementary school had the highest attendance received the donations to help them fund their educational needs.  The event was fun and safe for the elementary students and their families.  Way to go Northwest High School!


I don’t know about you, but Northwest’s project makes me excited to go out and do some service. The seminar may be over, but now is the time to Move Forward, Give Back and change the world!