Shannon Chambers and Rachel Hall!

2013 SA Winners

A main quality the Anthony Muñoz Foundation looks for when picking Straight “A” finalists is the intent or desire to overcome adversity. This year was very difficult to pick the two winners because each and every finalist was an incredible candidate with an incredible story to share. Listening to each of these kids speak was inspiring because they have already gone through so much at such a young age. What separates these 18 students from others is their ability to overcome such difficulties and not let it define them.

Below, Straight “A” winners Rachel Hall and Shannon Chambers talk about how they deal with their adversity:

“I want to remember the difficult times that I went through, not because I want to relive the pain but because I want to remember how I’ve come out stronger on the other side.” -Rachel Hall

“I have had some hardships, but they do not define me. They only strengthen me to be my best and reach my dream.” – Shannon Chambers

2013 SA Finalists

A big shout out to other 16 finalists as well! Having attended the luncheon myself and being able to hear them speak, I can say with certainty that each finalist will go on to do only great things. College is just the beginning of an incredible adventure they are about to embark.

When one door closes, another one opens. Now that the Straight “A” Scholarship has concluded, be sure to apply for our $20,000 scholarship, the Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund! The deadline is April 30th, so make sure you send in your application soon! Click here to find the application.

To see photos from the 2013 Straight “A” Luncheon courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography click here!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern