Just a couple of days ago, the Anthony Muñoz Foundation Selection Committee chose the 18 senior finalists for the 2013 Straight “A” Scholarship! (Don’t worry though, there is still time to apply for our $20,000 Scholarship Fund!) This years Straight “A” Luncheon will take place April 24th at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse!


These finalists not only:

    • Pursue Academic excellence as well as Athletic achievement
    • Actively serve the community
    • Possess a strong Ambition
    • Maintain a winning Attitude
    • Have the ability to overcome Adversity

But they also inspire everyone to be their best.  Previous finalists like Jarrin Taul and Mandy Alexander set the bar pretty high, but these finalists are able to stand on their own as incredible nominees for this years’ Straight “A” Scholarship.

Girls:                                                  Guys:
DeNesha Bell:                                 Ryan Burton:
Western Hills University HS            Cincinnati Christian Schools
Dolores Clark:                                Shannon Chambers:
Dixie Heights HS                                Aiken HS
Jamie Daley:                                   Zachariah Class:
South Dearborn HS                           Bishop Brossart
Lindsay Darkins:                          Tom Cropper:
Mount Notre Dame HS                     Georgetown Jr/Sr HS
Allison Glatt:                                  Kyle Damen:
Seton HS                                             Georgetown Jr/Sr HS
Rachel Hall:                                    Jacob Havran:
St. Ursula Academy                           Bethel-Tate HS
Emily Kroger:                                 Ben Linnabary:
Ludlow HS                                          Colerain HS
Sarah LaCombe:                            Adam Steele:
Loveland HS                                       Simon Kenton HS
Cerryia Lindberg:                         Matt Toerner:
Indian Hill HS                                     Badin HS


Let’s also take a second to thank the teachers who allow this to happen. Without their help and belief in their students, the Straight “A” Scholarship would not be as meaningful as it is today.

Take a second and congratulate these incredible students in the comment section below!

Don’t Forget: Applications for the Scholarship Fund are being acepted from now until April 30th! Apply today and you can have the chance to win 20,000!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern