Last Thursday, the Westin downtown was filled with football players and their families, all looking exceptionally nice if I might say so myself! The Foundation held their 12th annual Linemen of the Year banquet to recognizing the Tri-State’s football players for their accomplishments on and off the field. This year, we had 16 young men who were recognized for their inspiration to others, service to the community, and of course their commendable football skills.

This banquet was held in connection with the National Football Foundation. We heard from many coaches and players regarding how influential football has been upon their lives. I was lucky enough to sit next to Daniel Cage, one of the Foundation’s finalists, who shared with me his excitement of his recognition that night, and his future plans to play football at Notre Dame. Cage overcame challenging family circumstance which has led him to develop a strong character, and to lead by example. I was extremely impressed, and as the night went on, my admiration only grew!

AMF Linemen Of the Year winners Chance Sorrell (left) and Jon Bezney (right).

AMF Linemen Of the Year winners Chance Sorrell (left) and Jon Bezney (right).

The Foundation’s winners, Chance Sorrell, offensive lineman of Middletown High School, and Jon Bezney, defensive lineman of Mariemont High School both got a chance to speak and tell their stories. Chance shared his athletic accomplishments, but also spoke to his high academic standing along with membership in two honors societies. In addition to this, Chance described his work with the Special Olympics, YMCA Summer camps, as well as helping out at basketball and football camps. Jon also spoke to his academic achievements, but also focused on his student council leadership, and work with Mariemont’s first Historic 5k, which raised $11,000 for the Eliminate Project.

“It is encouraging and inspiring to hear these young men speak,” says Anthony, “I cannot wait to see what these men accomplish in their futures, and who they will inspire next.”

 I couldn’t agree more with Anthony! As I sat in the audience it was incredible to hear what these young men have accomplished on the football field but even more so what they have done off the field , and that is what makes these young men so inspiring.

The Linemen of the Year is an award the Foundation holds yearly to recognize Tri-State football players for their outstanding achievements. For more information regarding this award, visit the Foundation’s website.

AMF's Linemen of the Year finalists after their awards ceremony!


This year’s finalists also include:

Offensive Linemen:

Andrew Alten              Loveland High School

Simon Stepinak         Ross High School

AJ Avery                        Clinton- Massie High School

Ryan Prescott             Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Alex Orndorff             Lawrenceburg High School

Lex Sowards               Ryle High School

Defensive Linemen:

Chalmer Fruauf          Moeller High School

Daniel Cage                 Winton Woods High School

Will Lylte                     New Richmond High School

Lane Bryer                   Archbishop Alter High School

Brad Jones                   Williamsburg High School

Michael Barwick        Summit Country Day High School

Adam Putnick            Franklin County High School

Seth Hope                     Highlands High School

Keep on Inspiring!

Victoria Sabato

Straight “A” Intern