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Along with the desire to overcome adversity and having financial need, students that have been awarded the Scholarship Fund have fulfilled a leadership role in their community. Erik Zamudio created his own non-profit focused on feeding indigent workers and Alma Oñate, our 2012 Scholarship Fund recipient, is planning on going to medical school to help kids as a Pediatric doctor.

There are many ways to fulfill a leadership role in your community. I recently talked to Anthony Muñoz and he gave me a little insight on what he thinks it takes to be a good community leader and some ways to fulfill a leadership role in your community. He said:

“Putting other people first and making sure you are helping others is very important. In general, it’s a matter of taking who you are 2012 IFE Camp 125leading from point A to point B and it’s about them being successful and it is not about yourself. When fulfilling a leadership role in your community it’s about balance. Get involved in as many activities as possible. It’s not a matter of overdoing it but just making sure that what you get involved in, you can offer your gifts and talents and be a contributor more than just someone who is there to be there.”

In order to be a great community leader, along with taking the advice that Anthony suggested you can also be a community leader by following these tasks I found from Community Toolbox!

  1. Dream Big: Think far ahead of what you want to accomplish so you have something to motivate you.
  2. Set Goals: You dreamed big. Now make sure your vision has more of a sharper image. It’s good to set short-term and long term goals so can accomplish you dream more smoothly.
  3. Think about the group as a whole: Don’t lose sight of what you wanted to accomplish in the first place. Make sure the group is satisfied with the direction you are leading them. The group will be stronger if you are able to work in sync.
  4. Recruit and teach others: A community won’t improve with just one leader. Teach others what you have learned along the way so you can help them reach their goals and they can help you accomplish yours.

If you have fulfilled a leadership role in the community or know somebody that has, take the time and apply for the Scholarship Fund. Applying can give you opportunity to learn from one of today’s great community leaders, Anthony Muñoz.

Comment below and let us know what you think it takes to be a great community leader!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern

To find the complete list of how to be a community leader click here!
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