With more than 900 tickets sold and over $2,000 raised, Beavercreek High School went above and beyond with their annual Service Challenge Project. Hoops for Hope took place on February 14th and benefited Project Brite Star, a local organization that has been involved in suicide prevention at Beavercreek School for about 15 years. The event included a student-filled gymnasium, a Teacher vs. Senior basketball game, a half time performance, relay races and a speech from Project Brite Star founder, Sue O’Rear and spokesperson and volunteer, Nick Maloney.

A few of us from AMF were able to stop by Hoops for Hope and the atmosphere within the Beavercreek Gymnasium was unbeatable. The stands were full of Beavercreek students, the band was in full swing and the basketball game was much more intense than we had anticipated (I have never seen a high schooler dunk on his math teacher before). Overall, it was amazing seeing the Beavercreek student body coming together in recognition of a cause that is important to their community. Here are a few shots from the event:

Hoops for Hope emphasized the importance of supporting one another, demonstrated the use of volunteering as a coping strategy and raised awareness on mental health and suicide. Beavercreek chose to benefit Project Brite Star so that the organization could continue to raise awareness of suicide prevention and offer relevant information to students within Beavercreek Schools and parents throughout the community. With over 1,000 students, faculty and staff in attendance, Hoops for Hope was an event that not only raised money for Project Brite Star but celebrated all that the organization has done for the community.

This year we have been delighted with all the hard work and mindfulness that has gone into the projects and are excited to see more finished products. Service Challenge Project deadlines are in April and the winners will be announced in the following weeks.

Did you attend the AMF Youth Leadership Seminar and have an #AMFChallenge Project in the making? We would love to see it! Email Sara at impact@munozfoundation.org to let us know how your project is going and how we can help. We can’t wait to see more completed projects!