Hello again! As promised, we are ready to unveil some more of what YLS (Youth Leadership Seminar) is all about. If you are wondering, “Why should I go to a leadership seminar?” the answer is:

  • someone thought you showed great leadership potential
  • you have interesting and creative ideas
  • you are passionate about your community

(Put simply, you rock!) So basically what will happen the day of YLS is you and other students representing your school load up in the morning and head over to the Cintas Center at Xavier University. You get a cool (free) tshirt, and get to hang out with high schoolers from all over the local Cincinnati area all day (Score!). Throughout the day, you will:

  • hear speakers, including former Navy SEAL Jon Sanchez  and the group Journey of Action
  • enjoy a super cool concert by KJ-52 to get you pumped up
  • and get to participate in what we call breakout sessions

These breakout sessions are a time for the group from your school to meet up with a group from another school and share what sorts of issues are relevant in your local communities and what are some ideas you guys have of improving those things.  The two groups get to bounce ideas off each other and hear different perspectives. And who knows, you might make some really cool new friends! All in all, it’s a day you don’t want to miss, and we cannot wait to see you there. Stay tuned at the end of the week for our First Service Challenge Friday post from our other intern blogger, Kenna!

Remember, #MOVE2012 #MFGB #countdown2YLS


Impact Intern