Donkey Basketball event raises $2400 for Cincinnati family

Remember our previous blog about Anderson High School’s Service Challenge Project? When we last left them the school’s Student Athletic Leadership Team (SALT) were planning a fundraising game for the Malling family with two boys who attend AHSAnderson High School with Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease.  The boy’s father was also just diagnosed with Parkinson’s Diease which has also been tough on the family.

The Foundation was invited to the event last Thursday to see all the effort and hard work of Anderson High School.  I personally got to sit down with a few of the SALT members and see their excitement in being able to help out the Malling family.

Anderson sold tickets for the event and gave the money to the Malling family to help pay off their mortgage once their father is unable to work.AHS 3  In total, the event raised $2400 and received close to 800 attendees to help support the Malling family. Thank you for inviting us Anderson and continuing to create valuable projects!  We had a blast and are so amazed to see the great thing you have done for a family of Anderson.

Kendall, one of the SALT members, I spoke with, said there were some times when planning for the event wasn’t always the smoothest but the school and Malling boys were always there to help keep her motivated throughout the process.  She also loved attending YLS  and would definitely recommend that others consider attending.


Experience Intern