Getting the ball rolling for a Service Challenge Project is the first obstacle that many schools have to overcome; the next is sticking to the plan and adjusting it along the way. Aiken had major adjustments when issues arose due to factors out of the students control. Because of this the students knew what they had to do to make their “SPARK Sierra” project happen. “SPARK for Sierra” is aimed at raising funds to build a new school in Sierra Leone, Africa. With a goal to raise $4,400  Aiken came together, stepped up, took the initiative and follow through to be able to build this new school.


The students realized that one fundraising event wouldn’t be enough to help them reach their goal. They got creative and decided on three major opportunities to help raise enough money for the new school in Africa. Events included:

  • “Change for Change”: where they coordinated, collected and counted the money throughout the month of November.
  • “Adopt a Door”: where the staff had to pick a specific piece of building to pay for the new school.
  • “Aiken 5K”: The last event that will be taking place is a 5K this Friday, March 27th. The walk-a-thon is a representation of how many miles the students would have to walk if the school isn’t built. They are asking $10 donations to sponsor a student in the walk-a-thon, you can donate here at:

Aiken follow up photo 2

Thank you for inspiring our  communities to come together and make a difference Aiken! Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! pages this Friday, March 27th as we visit Aiken and take part in their 5k. You can see all the projects that have taken place by looking up #AMFChallenge!

Shelbi Felblinger

Experience Intern