Do you know an outstanding high school student? Are they looking to pursue a college education? If you answered yes to these questions, you need to nominate them for our Straight “A” Scholarship! Our Straight “A” Scholarship nominations are currently open, and will close on Friday, March 2nd. So, what exactly are we looking for in our Straight “A” Nominations? This award recognizes students who…

  • Pursue Academic Excellence
  • Have Achieved Athletically
  • Actively serve the community
  • Possess a strong Ambition
  • Have a winning Attitude
  • Ability to overcome Adversity

From hundreds of nominations, the Foundation will choose 18 finalists. They will then be recognized at a luncheon hosted at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. Thanks to the Harold C. Schott Foundation, finalist will be rewarded $2,000, while one male and one female finalists will be awarded an additional $3,000 towards their college education.

As a scholarship that has been around since 2002, we have had amazing students receive our scholarship, and go on to make a large impact in their communities and beyond. Recently, we caught up with some finalists from 2017, and learned how their adjustment to college has been.

Alessia Accordino

Alessia Accordino is currently attending Ohio University, where she is pursuing a major in Nursing with a minor in Psychology. She has a bright future ahead, where she plans to help those with mental disabilities through an outreach program.

Cory Baird

As a freshman at Bowling Green State University, Cory Baird already has goals and plans to receive a doctorate in Physical Therapy. When catching up with the Foundation, Cory said, “The Straight “A” Scholarship and the Anthony Munoz Foundation has opened a plethora of opportunities for my college career and has motivated me to invest in myself and my schoolwork even more than I expected. I hope that others take advantage of the opportunities given by this great foundation.”

Margaret Verst

Maggie Verst is an actively involved freshman at the Ohio State University, where she is majoring in STEM Education. When she has time away from studying, she is involved in both an Observation Program and Scholars Program, as well as various other activities. Her hopes are to work for Teach for America, and one day open her own charter school.

Tre Whittaker

Studying Exercise Science at the University of Dayton, Tre Whittaker is looking to enter a Physician Assistant Program after graduation. While talking with Tre, he told us “The Straight ‘’A’’ Scholarship has helped to give me the ability to come to college. Without the Anthony Munoz foundation, it would be a lot harder to be in school because I would be building up debt. I just want to say thank you again and I hope that I can continue to be apart of the AMF family!”

These students have gone on to do great things in college, and we cannot wait to follow their journeys.

Ready to nominate a student? Nominations and requirements can be found on our website. The nominations will close on Friday, March 2nd. Nominate a student today!