Where Are They Now Wednesday IS BACK! This week we will be featuring Tyra Chapple who won the Scholarship Fund in 2009!

Tyra applied for the Scholarship Fund her senior year of high school with her best friend Denaisha Thomas, who also received the award. Tyra and Denaisha have been through so much together. Best friends through high school, they not only applied for the Scholarship


Denaisha (Left) and Tyra (Right)

Fund together but they also found out that they received the award together at their graduation ceremony. After graduating from Hughes Center High School the friends took their next journey together and started their freshman year at Xavier University. (As a Xavier undergrad myself, I applaud her choice!)

Tyra has said that the amount of generosity and kindness felt among The Anthony Munoz Foundation and their supporters was and IS to this day simply indescribable. She went on to say:

“As I embark within my career as a novice nurse, I am grateful to Anthony and everyone involved who make such opportunities possible for students. 
This scholarship not only relieves families of a financial burden, but it also gives each student an additional support system. This foundation has been extraordinary to me and has helped me to illuminate a path to my dream of becoming a nurse practitioner. I sincerely would encourage students to apply for the Anthony Munoz scholarship program; to receive financial and emotional support from generous people like Anthony is a true blessing.”

Following up with previous winners has been incredible and it is great to hear how well they are doing! By applying for the Scholarship Fund or being nominated for the Straight “A” Scholarship deserving students in the Tri State area have the ability to follow their dreams. Be sure to help us recognize your students!

 Mike Rizio
Programs Intern