Welcome back to “Where Are They Now Wednesday!” Today we will be featuring our guest blogger, Brittney Miller! Brittney was a Scholarship Fund winner last year. She currently attends the University of Cincinnati and is majoring in social work. She still stays active with the community by participating in Whiz Kids!bm

We are so excited to see how Brittney is doing and we are so happy the Foundation has been able to positively impact her!

“The first time I heard of the Anthony Munoz Foundation was when I attended their leadership conference at Xavier; there I was reminded of the importance of being loyal to doing what is right and learned ways in which to be a positive impact on my community. Not long after this experience, I heard about the scholarship foundation and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t really expecting anything to come out of it, but before I knew it, I had an interview with Anthony and a few others from the foundation, and they called to inform me that I was a recipient. I attended their Hula Fame ceremony in June, where I, along with the other scholarship recipients, gave a short speech and enjoyed a nice dinner and evening.

The appreciation I feel for what the Anthony Munoz Foundation and its sponsors are doing for me and so many other young people cannot be fully expressed in words. Not only has it relieved so much stress of the costs of tuition, it has also offered me hope, a hope that I am now able to pass on to others. Thanks to the foundation, I am able to complete my education and in return make positive impacts in the lives of those around me. This scholarship is not only helping me get through college, it is also what reminds me just how fortunate I am, and it inspires me to reach out and touch others the same way the foundation has touched me.

                Applying for the Anthony Munoz scholarship was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I strongly encourage anyone to do the same. Every single one of us has overcome challenges in our lives, and we all have strengths and talents to offer to this broken world. It is a beautiful thing when someone is successful despite what life has thrown his or her way, and the Anthony Munoz Foundation helps to make this possible. IIMG_0269 didn’t submit my application with confidence that I would be selected, but somehow, I was blessed to be one of the recipients; if I was chosen, anyone can be. So fill out the application, ask for letters of recommendation from the people in your life who recognize your potential, and have those transcripts ready. Everyone has a powerful story…. Don’t hesitate to share yours with the foundation. After all, it could result in $20, 000! You’ve got nothing to lose.”

Thank you so much for your story Brittney! We hope you continue to impact your community and continue to strive in school!

If you know any high school students that should be recognized for this award click here to find the application!

Tune in next week for our next Scholarship Fund winner, Jarrin Taul!

Mike Rizio
Programs Intern