Hey Guys!

Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. This week, we are focusing on the theme of YLS this year which is Move Forward, Give Back, or MOVE 2012 for short. 

What this means to us is that we should be constantly refocusing our lives to be moving forward,looking to the future. Moving forward to better things.  But with this notion of moving forward, it is essential to give back; to give of yourself and your successes to help others be able to move forward as well.  

Think of how powerful a movement (no pun intended) it could become if as the young leaders of this world are all working hand in hand to move forward, and progress toward the betterment of society and give back to benefit those less fortunate and give others some stepping stones for their future. You guys can literally change the world!

So with the theme of MOVE 2012 this year, we want all your brains to be buzzing with ways to contribute to this awesome movement! How can you help your school, your community, your country? Anything is possible when you set your mind to it, no matter what obstacles stand in your way!

Stay tuned for Kenna’s Service Challenge Friday’s Post and remember:

#MOVE2012 #MFGB #countdown2YLS


Impact Intern