“Working for a Smile”

The students at Moeller took on the Youth Leadership Seminar Service Challenge and have been working around the clock to accomplish their goal in uniting communities here in Cincinnati and in Peru! We were able to sit down with Junior Will Gilliland the student leader to discuss their plans for the Challenge. Check out the video below of Will explaining “Working for a Smile”:

Moeller High School had visited a family in Peru on a mission trip and assisted with running pipeline through their home to get clean water. While there the students realized how something that may seem like a small gesture really helped out the family. This gesture sparked the idea to continue to help families in Peru once again!

With the idea in mind, the Youth Leadership Seminar was the perfect platform to get the ball rolling. Although the Seminar helped to start the project the student’s passion for their cause is essential.

The student’s goal right now is to raise $6000 to go back to Peru. Will Gilliand the head of the student lead project has asked for donations outside of his local Kroger and the students created their own Go Fund Me to receive donations. On top of this they’re getting the entire school involved! At a Friday night basketball game they sold shaved ice and the profits went toward their project “Working for a Smile”.

Throughout the week Moeller High will be scraping up pennies in a Penny War to continue their efforts in reaching their overall goal!

“You have to experience it to understand what we’re doing, we now have 10 to 15 students planning to go on the trip and I hope everyone will continue the project once I graduate” -Will Gilliland

Check out Moeller’s Go Fund Me page at: http://www.gofundme.com/moellerservice

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Shelbi Felblinger

Experience Intern