We could not be happier with how spectacularly this year’s leadership seminar went! Over 1,500 students from 100 schools had a great time jamming to music from KJ-52 and listening to messages from our marvelous guest speakers. Students left the event inspired, ready to make a difference as leaders in their schools and communities.

Check out our recap video here!

A huge part of YLS is the AMF challenge. The challenge was created to spark students into becoming involved in their communities. We encourage students to come up with ideas that will make huge impacts in their communities. Over the past years, we’ve seen brilliant ideas come from the minds of our YLS leaders from canned food drives to raising money for various causes. This year is no different.

Even though students have only just begun brainstorming AMF challenges, the results are incredible! This year, schools are creating projects such as Special Olympics, community building, and anti-bullying campaigns. Students are also taking the words of our guest speakers to heart, and we’ve definitely noticed a few patterns arise.

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So far the AMF challenges have exceeded our expectations! We can’t wait to keep in touch with schools and see where their projects take them!

Jemannie Luong
Experience Intern